We are in the business of developing transformational leaders and engaging their organizations to deliver truly extraordinary results. We coach leaders and leadership teams in the skills, processes, and behaviors needed to inspire individuals and teams to new levels of achievement.

            Our Transformational Results Model is the key to our consulting successes.

We help you create a project work environment where employees become highly committed to project objectives and motivated to deliver extraordinary results.

This highly motivating work environment is created by  applying transformational leadership behaviors to a challenging project (with heroic goals) led through our strategic change process that is highly inclusive and staffed by engaged employees. The bottom line result is inspired and excited employees who produce the following typical results:

  • A Pennsylvania manufacturer who achieved a 38% reduction in unit cost of manufacture within 20 months

  • A Tennessee & North Carolina business that increased market share from 10% to 70% within 36 months

  • A State Ports Authority that increased their sales volume by 50%  within 30 months



Strategic Planning


Strategic Change Process