The Multifactor Leadership Questionnaire (MLQ)

Developed by Bernard M. Bass and Bruce J. Avolio the MLQ is the benchmark measure for Transformational Leadership that is predictive of positive organizational outcomes.

Are you tired of Leadership Surveys that ask a bunch of “interesting questions” that may or may not have anything to do with the effectiveness of the leader because the questions are not backed by solid research data? If so, you consider using the MLQ.  It is the most highly researched and validated leadership instrument and is predictive of positive organizational outcomes.


Our approach is to utilize the MLQ, the gold standard of Transformational Leadership Assessment, to provide behavior based feedback to executives, middle managers, first linesupervisors, leadership teams, and organizations on where they need to focus their development efforts in very specific concrete behavioral terms.  The MLQ provides specific valid feedback that can be used as the basis for coaching and for targeting specific development and training needs.  


What is the Multifactor Leadership Questionnaire (MLQ)?

  • A full range, behavior based 360 degree leadership assessment

  • Measures the full range of leadership styles

  • The most highly researched and validated leadership instrument

  • Evidence based and predictive or organizational outcomes

  • Validated across cultures and different business segments/industries

“A variety of studies have shown the MLQ to be effective in … settings as diverse as savings banks, community action agencies, offshore oil platforms, the United States Army, Chinese state-run industry, and the Israel Defense Force infantry.”

                - Ed Hoffman, Psychological Testing at Work, 2003 -


Benefits of utilizing MLQ

  • Assesses the effectiveness of both individual and team leadership capabilities

  • Provides a comprehensive development report, including narrative comments

  • Provides benchmarks based on global normative data for comparison

  • Defines target ranges based upon scores of successful transformational leaders

  • Provides data that defines strengths and developmental opportunities

  • Establishes a behavioral basis for leadership coaching

  • User friendly because it is available “on-line” and only takes approximately 15 minutes to complete


Who Should Consider Using the MLQ assessment?

  • Executives, middle managers, and first line supervisors, as a basis for individual leadership  coaching
  • Any Leader who wants to provide a more “outcome” oriented basis for leadership development plans
  • High potential leaders preparing for the next level of responsibility
  • Leaders in transition i.e. newly promoted or new to assignment
  • Strategic Leadership Teams, prior to starting a strategic or step change improvement project in order to position leadership for achieving extraordinary results.
  • Intact Leadership Teams that want to improve their ability to lead and implement significant change



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