By the end of the planning process, you will have developed:

  • A Mission Statement (a clear expression of what your business is here to do).

  • A Strategic Statement (a definition of your businesses "primary driver" and the most critical issues that you must address to fulfill your potential).

  • Long Term Objectives (3-4 heroic targets that quantify where you want to be and when).

  • Key Results (a prioritized list of and actions for each of your Long Term Objectives).

  • Focus (overall action priorities for your first year of implementation).





Additionally, we provide:  

  • A written report tailored to serve your specific needs.

  • A separate and distinctive Strategic Change Process for maintaining focus on your plan and pacing achievement of results. 

  • Tools for engaging a broad cross-section of your organization in both planning and implementation and developing shared ownership of action and results.

Itís Only Strategic If You Do It!



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  Strategic Change Process