Our approach to Transformational Leadership Coaching

We focus on taking the leader to a new level of effectiveness by emphasizing looking forward and concentrating on action. We stress the impact that the leaderís behavior has on performance.

Our experienced behavioral coaches provide one-on-one performance coaching to enhance the leaderís effectiveness by:

  • Gathering feedback data Ė we utilize the MLQ assessment which is the gold standard for transformational leadership assessment and other feedback data such as interviews.
  • Providing specific and valid feedback to the leader
  • Focusing the leader on exactly what they need to improve
  • Connecting the leaderís 2-3 key business objectives with the transformational  behavior improvement opportunities
  • Jointly developing a behavior coaching action plan with auditable outcomes
  • Providing ongoing feedback and follow up


Our approach is based on the following principles:

  • People set their own goals and learning objectives. (In the context of valid feedback and organizational requirements)

  • The coach is committed to provide valid information, using specific examples.

  • The coach is committed to the leaderís success.

  • People make a free and informed choice about whether they want to change

MLQ Assessment