Coaching and Team-building services:

  • Team Start-up (Charter, Roles, Principles, etc)
  • Team assessment (Read more about MLQ assessment)
  • Experiential Team Building
  • Intact Leadership Team Coaching
  • Project Team, Task Team, Strategic Initiative Team Coaching


Our Approach to Team Coaching is highly customized based on the type of team and the business and organizational objectives the team is focused on.  Team Coaching is best accomplished as part of doing real work on projects or strategic initiatives with truly challenging goals that lead to extraordinary results.  The ideal situation is to combine  team coaching with our Strategic Change Process which provides the leadership process, the skills, and the coaching to lead and implement step change improvements. 


Our Approach to Team Start-up is to engage the team in a highly structured process that defines the team charter, team member roles, team principles, key stakeholders, and an overall road map for the project or initiative.  These team start up processes are the initial steps of the Strategic Change Process. 


Our Approach to Experiential Team Building is to custom design a series of problem solving activities that create a learning environment for team growth.  We often use Experiential Team Building as part of the team start up process or with teams that are struggling with their ability to deliver key results as a leadership team.   This process accelerates the process of building trusting relationships and supportive team behaviors.



MLQ Assessment

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Strategic Change Process   

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