How you Benefit

  • You will identify those business characteristics that make you unique and competitive.

  • You will identify those critical internal and external issues that stand in the way of achieving new performance levels.

  • You will establish heroic long term objectives that will serve as motivators and drivers of action and results.

  • You will identify specific priority actions to achieve your long term objectives.

  • You will build broad ownership of the plan by the key stakeholders in your business.  

  • You will install a leadership process that assures on-going attention to plan details.

  • You will achieve results that you previously thought were beyond your reach.



  "The wonderful thing about planning process, is that it helped us see the big picture and then show us how to break the big picture into small bits that are easily done. All of a sudden you see your strategic plan moving forward with ease, one step at a time. Without a doubt, our strategic plan has transformed our little Chamber of Commerce to one that is recognized in the community as the organization to look to, to get things done."

                      Connie Majure-Rhett, President and CEO,Greater Wilmington Chamber of Commerce (N.C.)


 "The planning process helped us bring about results we would have thought to be impossible in the past. With help of our strategic plan, we now have ways to keep our organization focused on change and working together to bring about those changes needed to succeed in a very competitive environment"

                                                                                              Jim Sanders, Plant Manager, Dupont Plant in PA



What you Get


  Strategic Change Process