One of our favorite cautions to clients who want to develop a strategic plan is that “it is only strategic if you do it”. Our experience is that less than 30% of businesses fully implement their strategic plans or even get close to achieving intended results.

We help you create a strategic plan that you can actually implement. In fact, our planning process drives implementation! We limit collaboration to defining strategic key results and allow you to quickly move into implementation through action teams initiated by our Strategic Change Process. The action teams develop and execute the operational tactics required of the plans key results


Our approach to strategic planning is a highly collaborative, inclusive process that facilitates action and results. The process is unique in that it:

  • Uses a simple 5 step process that can be completed within 8 hours of meeting time

  • Is highly collaborative and cross functional team based, resulting in broad understanding and ownership of the plan and subsequent commitment to see it through the implementation process.

  • Separates the tactical from the strategic planning and offers a highly effective, on-going leadership process (Strategic Change Process) for developing and implementing the required tactical plans.

  • Creates a discipline to maintain focus on long term step change results (transformational) as opposed to incremental change.

  • Utilizes a leading edge consensus building process with tools to reconcile divergent views.


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