Rob Gerlach, as a Senior Partner of TLCC, LLC, specializes in transformational leadership development within the context of implementing strategic projects that are targeting extraordinary results (learn while doing).  He has been in the business of developing transformational leaders since 1990.


Rob was born and raised in Buffalo, NY and attended Cleveland State University where he earned his degree in Chemical Engineering. He worked for the DuPont Corporation for 30 years, serving in numerous management roles in a number of locations. Rob earned the reputation of being an “agent of change”, which led to his becoming an internal consultant in 1990, successfully coaching numerous leaders through significant “changes” which achieved extraordinary results.


In 1986, under the advice of Frederick Herzberg, Rob led a Dupont management team on a research project that led to the transformational model that has become the underlying mechanism for his consulting successes.


In 1993, Rob left DuPont to form his own consulting business. The VTA Group (Vision to Action) specializes in coaching and consulting with leaders and leadership teams on transformational projects that achieve heroic goals. One of those projects transformed race relations within the business community of Wilmington, NC.


Rob has significant experience in strategic planning and strategic project implementation, as well as coaching leaders to develop transformational leadership behaviors and skills that inspire employees to achieve the unexpected and organizations to grow their capacity for achieving “step change” results.


Rob Gerlach
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