How the process Works

  • Establish heroic objectives that take your business/organization to the next level.

  • Identify transformational behavioral basis for individual and team coaching via a 360 degree leadership assessment that defines developmental opportunities that connect with project objectives.

  • Break down major objectives into manageable chunks and priorities.

  • Identify the appropriate resources to address your priority objectives.

  • Tap into the collective wisdom and energy of your organization.

  • Provide an external discipline to maintain focus and pace on your long term objectives.

  • Build accountability and address fear of change among your project teams.

  • Create empowering and inspiring project environments that lead to people doing extraordinary things.

  • Achieve results thought to be beyond your reach.


The TLCC Transformational Results Model tracks three parallel paths. Central to the model is a Challenging Project which delivers extraordinary results by Engaging Employees through our Strategic Change Process. Parallel to the project path is the process of developing Transformational Leadership Behaviors among the leadership team through individual coaching based upon 360 degree assessment results. The third parallel path, is for team coaching to develop the requisite process and collaborative skills among the leadership and project teams.


An underlying theme is that development best occurs while doing real work, in real time while providing coaching interventions that are “just in time”

  • Monthly strategic leadership team meetings.

  • One-on-one coaching (transformational leadership behaviors) for Leadership Team members

  • Action/Project Team start-ups.

  • Providing “just-in-time” process skills for leaders and teams.

  • Regular support and monitoring phone calls.

  • Providing the external discipline to maintain long term focus and pace.

  • Help you institutionalize the process for application to future strategic imperatives.



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