Are you frustrated with the traditional "train and hope" approach to leadership development? You have every right to be frustrated because all of the research indicates that the traditional approach is ineffective.  The traditional approach to leadership development is to send leaders to one or more workshops on leadership skill development, have them develop an action plan, and ask them to implement it, with no follow up or sustaining mechanisms after the training.  Research indicates that the results of this approach are that only 15% to 48% show any lasting improvement in their leadership skills.  On the other hand, approaches that combine leadership skill building with immediate application, follow up, and feedback, result in 95% of the leaders showing lasting improvement in their leadership skills.  (Read more about the research on leadership development)

Who should consider using the TLCC Integrated Leadership Development Process?

  • Organizations looking for an integrated systemic approach to training and development that has a sustainable lasting impact on leadership and organizational capability to take performance to the next level
  • Organizations that have the need to accelerate the development of key high potential leaders by a factor of 2X to prepare them for higher levels of responsibility
  • Organizations looking for a process to support existing leadership development plans and programs
  • Organizations that are experiencing the exodus of the baby boomers from key leadership positions with little leadership bench strength to take their place
  • Leadership teams who are a collection of talented managers but dysfunctional as a team when it comes to leading and implementing significant change

Integrated Leadership Development Process



  1. Assessment of Transformational Leadership skills, compilation of composite results and selecting focus for leadership development.
  2. Training on Transformational Leadership Skills i.e. workshops

  3. Develop Individual Action Plan
  4. Application to Challenging Goals
  5. Follow up and Feedback


  • Combine training with individual and or team coaching sessions that develop and audit progress on a personal action plan and provide feedback (read more about Coaching)

  • Conduct observations of the leader at work and provide coaching feedback

  • Do a pre and post leadership assessment using the MLQ survey so there is the expectation of measuring overall leadership improvement (read more about MLQ leadership assessment)

  • Space out the Leadership Development Workshops over time and provide them “just in time” for immediate application to real work.

  • Enroll the manager and or a peer in a formal process for follow up and feedback vs the individual action plan


The custom design and integration of these sustaining mechanisms along with skills training and application to “real work” create the learning environment where leaders make lasting improvement in their leadership skills. 

Benefits of our Leadership Development Approach

  • The development is done in the context of real work
  • The time commitments are in multiple small increments that are easier to schedule and manage
  • Leadership development is accelerated and sustained over time
  • A high percentage (as high as 95%) of leaders make measurable improvements in their leadership skills and overall effectiveness as leaders
  • The organizations performance improves as a result of better leadership


Leadership Development Workshops

These workshops are available as stand alone workshops or as part of the Leadership Development Process or as part of the Strategic Change Process.