Compiled from the peak work experiences of more than 5,000 individuals from all organizational levels within both the private and public sector.


The mechanisms that allow the TLCC process

to work effectively & produce results


This model illustrates a universal truth by describing the environmental characteristics present during transformational work experiences. It’s origin is from a study conducted within a major corporation at the suggestion of Frederick Herzberg*. The study investigated the peak work experiences of a cross section of employees and discovered a common set of environmental conditions that were present on projects that delivered extraordinary results.


The resultant model has since been validated with over 5000 study participants from all walks of life. It was very moving to witness the excitement and passion as these people told their stories. The model says, that when leadership creates the right project team environment, a significant challenge becomes a source of excitement and motivation rather than an overwhelming stress point.


The study reveals that when leaders purposely create this kind of a work environment on a project by project basis….not only do they achieve heroic results, but they generate excitement and energy among project participants. The key environmental ingredients are setting objectives that take your breath away, forming teams that share responsibility (and accountability) for everything they do, forming relationships built upon trust and respect, giving those teams the tools, knowledge and support they need on an on-going basis and recognizing & celebrating their efforts and progress throughout the life of the project.


Another model summarizes the leadership behaviors required to create this environment and is called the “Dimensions of Transformational Leadership Behavior”.


 * Frederick Herzberg:

                                      Renowned behavioral scientist and author of:

                                                The Motivation to Work

                                                Work and the Nature of Man

                                                The Managerial Choice


Dimensions of Transformational Leadership Behaviors

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